Disney On Ice Princesses and Heroes GIVEAWAY

disney on ice
©Disney. All rights reserved.

The familiar Disney characters are back in Australia with their latest tour, the Disney On Ice Princesses and Heroes.

You and the kids will be entertained by the host, Tinkerbell, along with Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana and all their heroic princes in this breathtaking ice spectacular.

©Disney. All rights reserved.

The tour dates and venues are detailed below:

Adelaide – Adelaide Entertainment Centre 14 – 16 June (Fri – Sun)

Newcastle – Newcastle Entertainment Centre 20 – 23 June (Thurs – Sun)

Brisbane – Brisbane Entertainment Centre 27 – 30 June (Thurs – Sun)

Melbourne – Hisense Arena, Melbourne 4 – 8 July (Thurs – Mon)

Sydney – Allphones Arena, Sydney Olympic Park 10 – 14 July (Wed – Sun)

Perth – Perth Arena 19 – 21 July (Fri – Sun)

The good people at Feld Entertainment will be giving away FOUR A Reserve tickets (any configuration) to any tour city for one lucky winner!

All you have to do is answer this question in 50 words or less: What character/trait do you think should a princess/prince have?

Is that question deep enough for you? Goodluck!

Visit their website and Facebook page for more details.

Australian residents only. Competition ends 5pm, 3 May, Friday AEST.

Congratulations Penny! and thanks to everyone for joining!


  1. Narelle Rock says

    A princess definitely needs to be able to shrug off criticism and negative publicity as there will always be things said and published about her that are untrue and hurtful..

  2. Rachael Rowberry says

    To “pay it forward” to be there for those less fortunate to maintain great qualities and to give all of themselves. Most importantly to share their wealth to help and put a smile on others faces.
    A perfect example is like Oprah Winfrey she is my idea of a Princess.

  3. Cheryl M says

    A Prince or Prnicess should always have poise, self restraint, dignity, humour and empathy

  4. Rachael says

    A sense of humour, a strong sense of self, empathy and genorosity (and great dress sense)

  5. Michelle V says

    Hard to say in 50 words or less
    What traits are suitable for a prince or princess
    But loyalty is a must, I confess
    As well as compassion, generosity and love in excess!
    A patient attitude for handling the press
    And a sense of style, to rock how they dress!

  6. says

    No singing to animals, not anymore.
    A princess is brave and totally hard-core.
    A woman who dresses as a man to fight,
    A long-haired girl who takes her own flight,
    A curly red that rights her own wrong,
    These STRONG women I feel, they belong!
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  7. Sarah collett says

    A prince or princess needs to be clutsy with relaxed shoulders. Great entertainment for us with all the media frenzy that goes with being a royal. I want comedy when the royal family are in my suburb

  8. Kim m says

    A prince or princess who wants to be a modern royal needs a healthy sense of humor! There are so many faux par’s to be made in royal circles that a sense of humor is a must!!!

  9. Rachel T says

    A prince needs to have empathy as well as the usual strength and pride,
    So he can understand his soon to be complicated bride.
    A princess needs to be a bit tougher,
    Princesses aren’t dainty anymore, everyday life is rougher!

  10. Karly says

    Some days it just feels like you’re cooking, cleaning and sewing for ungrateful family members (think Cinderella and her ugly stepsisters).
    But believe that things will get better and they will. (in my case hopefully I’m not just waiting for a fairy Godmother)

  11. katrina stubbs says

    A Disney prince/princess should be caring,considerate,friendly and funny.They should both accept their partner for who they are on the inside,and not just for their looks.Normally one of them makes sacrifices and I think the other should appreciate that

  12. Claire Lewis says

    There are too many real life royals that don’t live up to the high expectations that Disney has set- sadly, there is very little humility, kindness, generosity (or singing) in the lives of the princes and princesses around the world today. Maybe they need to take inspiration from the movies!