The review blog

I love doing reviews. Even when I was a regular journalist reviewer, I loved it. I’ve reviewed mobile phones, playstation games, various other gadgets, and now I’m doing reviews for various personal products.

I enjoy it.

And just for the record, if I’m doing a review, rest assured it’s my opinion because I’ve been doing this for a career before and nothing’s changed except that now I’m reviewing it here instead of a news website.

Also, I say yes to a lot of products to review mainly because I believe in giving them a chance to show their products to me. I barely watch TV nowadays so I don’t see ads for anything. I don’t read the newspaper and rarely read a magazine (except when I’m on the toilet). So when I get this new product to try, I try it. What if it’s better and cheaper than what I’m currently using? If not, no love lost. At least I found out about it for free. We’re mums, we need to be practical about these things.

Thus the decision to move my reviews to my reviews blog on MummyK’s Reviews (thanks Zoey for the idea). I love reviewing but I also don’t want to inundate you with it.

The products I will be reviewing will not necessarily be freebies from companies. If there is something I just bought that I like, I will tell you about it. That’s how I roll. So check out the sidebar flashing thingy for the latest stuff I’m reviewing. There will be more to come.