Ten things I learned while working in a fashion magazine

  1. Although the staff are pretty, flawless, fashionable and slim, they are polite, nice and clever too.
  2. They are slim because they eat pumpkin soup and crackers for lunch. They don’t binge on a chicken kebab then top it with a macaroon or a brownie (you moron!).
  3. The Devil Wears Prada doesn’t happen in each fashion magazine.
  4. A primer is important.
  5. To stop getting racoon eyes, dab some powder onto your eyes before applying your eyeliner.
  6. Pivovarova doesn’t party much and prefers a quiet life.
  7. There is an infinite number of ways you can use make-up.
  8. Lipstick can cost you over $50.
  9. Astrology readers can get their crystal balls mixed up and repeat predictions in some magazine issues.
  10. Soon, underwear threads will have aloe vera in them so you get a beauty treatment while wearing undies (another incentive not to go commando).


  1. You worked in a fashion magazine? How cool!
    I would be completely out of my element at a fashion mag. I might be slim but I would never look the part!
    Miss Pink recently posted..Does This Chicken Make My Racist Look Big?My Profile

  2. Hi There,
    You uncover so many layers here in Mummyk land… Its terrifically interesting. I enjoy reading about others lived.
    Was interviewed for a mag & had photoshoot (lost weight about 100 years ago!) at the magazine HQ ( not ACP) & was amazed at the small size of work space & areas for one magazine…. Shoebox. Yeah?
    Denyse recently posted..Is It Worth It?My Profile

  3. Lol! This is hilarious !
    I especially like no. 9 and 10 – aloe vera undies…ooooh…how seductive :)

  4. LOL!! That is fantastic. Love the pumpkin and crackers. And underwear will now become a staple here!! ;)
    Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses recently posted..How to make Harvey Norman-worthy furniture for your doll houseMy Profile

  5. how did someone ever come up with the notion for aloe vera knickers? and what ever will they come up with next?
    Rhianna recently posted..Things I know – Nothing like leaving it to the last minuteMy Profile

  6. You know lots of interesting things!

    I know the day I spend $50+ on a lipstick is the day I’ve won Tattslotto lol

  7. Aloe vera undies? I want.
    Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me recently posted..Things I Know–blogging editionMy Profile

  8. I just have to say the spam protection scared me.. I suck at simple math lol.
    Yep primer is a must.. says Napoleon Perdis ;-)
    that is pretty cool you worked at a fash mag and I think it’s cooler you ate what you bloody well wanted! booyah!

  9. Aloe vera undies? Maybe this is how I will manage to get my daughter to keep her knickers on!

  10. I have an aloevera singlet… it’s very nice but I am not sure it does anything that special.. not like it makes my flabby stomach disappear or anything! LOL
    katepickle recently posted..Things I Really Know – Show and Tell Sucks!My Profile

  11. Oh you speak my language now. That is so cool! I just about died. Hehe. Have you seen Sasha up close? I have this suspicion that she’s not really all that tall. She has a cameo in that new Timberlake movie.

  12. Lipstick? More than $50? eeeeeek!!
    Megan @ Writing Out Loud recently posted..Things I learnt this weekMy Profile

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