So you write

What do you do when you’re frustrated about the ways of the world and have no to very little power to change things?

You ficitionalise it.

After this passionate segment on Channel Ten’s The Project about silencing the whistleblowers from the detention centres, I posted something on Tablo. Just to get the steam off my system.

Click on the cover if you want to read it. Just for fun. Or maybe you can publish your own thing there — for when you’re frustrated at the world. It is quite relaxing.

asylum seeker


When it rains, it bloody pours

It has been quite a taxing couple of weeks.

I do find it funny sometimes how everything seems to happen at the same time, one after the other, relentless and exhausting.

First there was the thing with her school, which had to be dealt with. Now she’s moving to a new school and we’re all excited about it. But it was all over the place for a while before it got sorted.

Then there was ballet and the pressures of the exam. She quit then unquit. It got sorted but it was stressful.

I had car troubles too. I probably called NRMA six times in four weeks. We got it fixed then something else went wrong. Got that fixed then another thing went wrong. In the end we had to decide to get a new car. Not new new. A used new, because we can’t afford a new new. The up side is that it has a tape deck. I can finally play my old Ricky Martin tapes. Bahahaha!

Stitch’s teeth had to be pulled out. We had half pulled out two years ago because they were rotten. This time, the rest had to go. Aside from the cost, I’ve also been administering medicine everyday twice a day.

Then there’s the little one coughing like a madman. We spent the long weekend inside the house, recuperating and sleeping because the nights were spent coughing.

Also, I received some troubling news from my family in the Philippines, which needed to be dealt with. Basically, all the money I saved up for our planned trip at the end of this year needs to go because there is a much greater need for it. I should feel bad but I don’t. It needed to be done.

Oh and my health sucks too. Extra expenses this month trying to figure out what is wrong with me. After much blood tests and check ups, I finally know my thyroid has been fucked for quite some time. I will be going through treatment so at least that’s a plus. My cholesterol is high too. It’s never been high before though but of course, it had to be high right now. I am on a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, low cholesterol diet. Tie me up outside, I’ll just eat grass.

I could sit on the floor and cry and moan ‘why me? why me?’ but the reality is that things could be worse. A lot worse. The rest of the year we are cruising along. I kind of see a pattern of one sucky month each year. But that’s okay. Shit just happens. We are still relatively better off than other people out there.

If you need me, I’ll be outside eating Durian. It’s gluten free, dairy free, low bad cholesterol. Not sugar free but three out of four is good enough.

Tefal Cuisine Companion: The one with the cravings

No, I’m not pregnant. Just constantly craving. I am doing something about this, trust me. Almost there.

But I digress.

I’ve been pushing my food repertoire quite a bit since getting my Cuisine Companion. For this experiment, I went for stuff that I have been craving for. First on the list is cheesecake.

I’ve never tried making a cheesecake before. It just looked too…complicated. I would happily eat it but not make it. But with the Cuisine Companion I had no excuse. So I gave it a go.


It turns out it wasn’t that hard. The recipe was pretty straightforward. It was a big hit at dinner with friends. My only advice is that if you don’t like a lemony tang then stick with the vanilla.


Next is the marble cake, another one I’ve never tried making before. I did take the risk of making it for the first time for my daughter’s school fund raising event. I know, that was kinda ballsy. I would’ve had to buy cake from Coles had it not worked out.

Thankfully, this wasn’t as hard to make as well! I used gluten free flour for this one, which made some of the staff at school really happy because some of them were gluten intolerant. Made two of these babies and sold them all at the event!

marble cake

Finally, I made Tabbouleh! It’s not that easy to find really good tabouleh around my area. Or one that is perfect for my taste anyway. So I made one. Found this really good recipe on SBS and used Ceecee (aka cuisine companion) to chop them up. Literally, seconds and it’s all done. It is a really healthy and yummy side dish.



Disclosure: I received a complimentary Cuisine Companion from Tefal for this partnership.