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Happy Birthday!

On your 28th (ahem) birthday, I wanted to tell you why you’re awesome (in no particular order).

-You’re an amazing friend. The opposite of toxic. I am so very glad we have each other’s backs.

-You look better the older you get (you have found the fountain of youth, hahaha).

-You juggle motherhood really well, especially given that you have four kids.

-You are honest and supportive and willing to look at another’s point of view.

-You’re there. Always.

-You are clever and, I know this is such a Filipino word, industrious. When you put your mind into something, it happens and you do it.

-You inspire me through the things you do. I am so proud of what you’ve accomplished.

-You’re compassionate.

-You’re Dory.

I hope you have a great birthday.


Not here yet


Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays

My Christmas List

Last year, hubby and I decided against presents. We only bought gifts for our daughter, god kids and friends. There was literally nothing we can think of that we wanted to ask from each other. It’s still the same this year but we made a list anyway, just to give each other something – no matter how small.

So here is my Christmas/Birthday wish list – a reference guide to whoever wanted to give me presents for Christmas and my birthday.

Kobo voucher – I have a Kobo ereader so any other book voucher won’t help me. Also, I don’t do paperbacks anymore. I know others who love the feel and smell of it. I do too but my OCD persists and even today I cannot read a book without worrying about whether or not I’m scratching the cover or folding the pages. When I do find a crease, I get very agitated. I know. It’s insane. So I’m sticking to ebooks.

Make up – I realised quite recently that 90 percent of the make up I own is six years old – my daughter’s age. I didn’t even know they have expiry dates. My target is to find one good make up kit with everything in it. I hate having separates. I rarely use make up but it would be good to have ones that won’t cause skin infection.

Garmin vivofit/vivosmart – Although I love my Fitbit, I’m at that point where I need more for my running. Yes, I am running and preparing for a 10k fun run next year with my biatches. The Vivofit would…er…fit my needs. The thing is, I got this for free already. Still, it was on my list.

Cooking lessons voucher – I am putting a big question mark on this. I can cook. Hubby says 95 percent of the time my cooking works. That five percent, however, isn’t just cooking fails, but cooking epic fails. I want to do a cooking lesson not just to increase my repertoire but to inspire me again. I’ve been detesting cooking the last couple of months. Instead of becoming enjoyable, it’s become tedious and a giant chore. I want to reignite that passion again. Maybe a cooking lesson will help. French preferably.

Lingerie voucher – You raise your eyebrow but I need this. Most of the time, when it’s just me shopping on my own, my practical side wins over and I end up buying the practical bra and undies rather than the sexy ones. Not to say I don’t have any but I would like to increase the number of lacy ones. The problem is they are bloody expensive and I just can’t justify buying these things. A voucher for a nice lingerie place would force me to do this.

Lastly, maybe more kindness towards others, less selfies, consumerism and self obsession, and a dash of world peace.

13 and 11


There is a blurry picture of us in the house, in a metal frame with purple dots. It was taken 13 years ago at a park in Perth, before the time of selfies, when film cameras were still available. This picture has moved from state to state, house to house in over a decade. People […]

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The little things


I took a break. For five months I took a break. What do you do when you ignore everything you know that’s good for you? The kilos pile back up. I knew it was going to happen. I let it happen. I didn’t do anything about it for a while. I succumbed to the coldness […]

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Why I unfriended you on Facebook

When I first started out on Facebook, I had that similar feeling with everyone else to add everyone I knew on my friends list. But over the years, as my view of social media changed, I started culling my friends list. Mercilessly. From around 500, I’ve cut it down to around 180. Drastic? Yep. Here […]

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What we tell our kids

It puzzles me sometimes the things that people do or don’t do. We teach our children to apologise if they’ve hurt someone. But we don’t do it ourselves. We teach them not to lie, to always tell the truth. But we keep the biggest lies and take them to our graves.  We tell them to […]

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Pitch to Pitchi


  There is a new way for people to sell stuff in the most creative way possible. Pitchi is an innovative online video selling platform that is designed to help people sell and buy online in a very engaging way. It’s like YouTube but they’re selling you stuff. The site allows sellers to pitch their […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Little updates…

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Stamp out the abuse


Note: I saw this ad on a magazine and just had to reach out to the organisation. If you’ve ever ridden one of these elephants on your holiday, or know someone who has, please donate. Written By World Animal Protection Every year, thousands of tourists take elephant rides on their holidays, unaware of the hidden […]

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How to Train your Dragon 2 GIVEAWAY


  Toothless is back! The gang is back together again with more action, cuteness, funny bits and a whole lot of tears (for me anyway). Set five years after the first one (if you don’t count the Christmas special and the TV series), the village is living wonderfully with their dragons — enjoying races and […]

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