The volunteer

I have become one of those mothers. Yes. The ones who volunteer at school fund raising events and school activities. Those mothers who bake muffins to sell at sausage sizzles.

I never thought I would be one of those women. Mama, a former full time working mother (because you have to in the Philippines), avoided school volunteering like the plague. I couldn’t blame her. Those things were riddled with politics and Mama doesn’t have time for bullshit (so very much like me).

So when my daughter started school I told myself I was going to avoid volunteering at school. I don’t like attending meetings. I don’t like politics. I don’t like socialising.

But then this year started slow. I lost one of my biggest clients and wasn’t expecting to have the same busy work schedule as last year. So I put my hand up. Yes, I did. But I was clever enough to consult another mother I know who volunteers at her daughter’s school about the ins and outs of this school volunteering thing.

Her wise words to me were to stick with the “doing” and not the “not doing”. Basically, she bakes for fund raising events, she volunteers her time, she helps out with the kids, but she doesn’t do meetings or elections or politics.

What a genius idea.

So I put my name down and now I am preparing to bake muffins to bring to school (nut free, of course). I am also going to man our sausage sizzle booth at the school during the local election this weekend.

Work has picked up though and the quiet schedule I thought I was going to have is out of the window. So now I’ll have to figure out a way to juggle it because I still want to volunteer.

Oh and on top of that, I’m trying out pole dancing too. Hubby said I am a walking talking contradiction. Hah!

Pet Circle: Online store for your pets


We have two dogs in our house. We’ve always had two dogs since forever. They keep each other company and they are a great addition to the household.

But with pets come responsibilities. Food (dry food, wet food), exercise, treats, teeth cleaning materials, sleeping materials, flea treatments, vaccination, heart treatments, collars, leads, winter coats and so on and so forth.

Pets need supplies and there is one place where you can get these things without even leaving the house.

Pet Circle is an Australian online pet supplies company that has everything you need in one online pet store.

The site sells all the premium cat and dog food like Black Hawk, Royal Canin, Advance, Pro Plan, Canidae, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet. They also sell flea treatments and other medications like Sentinel, Advocate, Frontline, Comfortis, Advantix and Revolution.

Aside from pet food and treatments, Pet Circle also stock other pet supplies, with a huge range of dog beds, collars, dog coats, accessories, cat scratching posts, dog barking collars, dog toys, cat toys and treats. They have the world’s most trusted and recognised brands at significantly less than traditional or even other online retailers.

For instance, Optimum 7kg dry dog food is around $34 in supermarkets while Pet Circle sells it for $29.95.

Pet Circle has an Australian based customer service team, provides free shipping in metro areas and fast nationwide delivery direct to your door.

The business started in 2011 and has quickly become Australia’s largest online pet supplies company servicing over 50,000 customers right across the country.

Customers can do one-off purchase or opt for the subscription-based service where you can set up your supply needs and receive monthly orders. You can also set up a custom timeline depending on your needs. Just set it up and forget it.

Sometimes with regular treatments for fleas, I forget when they’re due until I see them scratching around the house. Being able to set up a regular delivery of flea treatments will help remind me of what I need to do, especially during the summer when it’s flea season.

Pet Circle doesn’t only cater for dogs and cats. They have food and supplies for families with pet birds, fish, reptiles and more. Fish owners can buy tanks, pumps, filters, health stuff and lighting. For those will little pets like hamsters, they have cages, beddings and grooming materials.

Bird owners can also buy bird toys, grooming and feeding accessories. What about reptile owners? Well, they also have habitats for reptiles like terrariums, snake bedding and heat and lighting.

You can check out more of their wide range on their website.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

Wholemeal cinnamon banana muffin with cream cheese filling

This is a variation of a recipe from Weight Watchers magazine.


90g Cream cheese (light or not)

1 cup brown sugar (rice malt syrup for sugar free option)

2 eggs

50g butter

1 ¼ cup wholemeal self raising flour

1 tsp ground cinnamon

2 medium bananas

White choc chips (optional but yummy)


Preheat oven 180°C. Grease muffin tin.

Mix cream cheese and white chocs in a separate bowl.

In another bowl, mix eggs, rice malt syrup and butter.

Mash bananas in the mixture.

Mix flour and cinnamon with the batter.

Spoon half the batter into the muffin tin.

Drop 1 teaspoon cream cheese mixture in the centre. Top with more batter.

Bake 15-20 minutes.