How to Train your Dragon 2 GIVEAWAY



Toothless is back!

The gang is back together again with more action, cuteness, funny bits and a whole lot of tears (for me anyway).

Set five years after the first one (if you don’t count the Christmas special and the TV series), the village is living wonderfully with their dragons — enjoying races and building habitats for their wonderful pets. This time the gang is faced with a more serious issue – keeping the peace and ensuring the future of men and dragons.


Too heavy? The movie isn’t, trust me. It has all the same elements that made me fall in love with the first one. Courage and love and standing up for what you believe in. All good stuff for kiddies, and adults.

No spoilers, but this one made me love the gang even more.

My work Toothless and my real Toothless (the vet took out most of his teeth!).

My work Toothless and my real Toothless (the vet took out most of his teeth!).

To celebrate the release of How to Train your Dragon 2 on DHD, 20th Century Fox is giving away FIVE of the goodie packs to lucky MummyK readers. You can buy a copy of the movie on iTunes.

The pack includes:

X 1 Dragons DVD

X 1 Dragons Stationery Set

X 1 Dragons Magnetic Watch

X 1 Dragons Outdoor Activities Pack

X 1 Dragons Special addition Poster

All you need to do is answer this question:

Which of Hiccup’s qualities would you want to impart on your child and why?

For me, it would be his love of creating solutions with his hands (Toothless’ tail, his leg, his weapons!). I think it’s amazing to have an inquisitive mind and to create something out of nothing.


Goodluck to everyone!


Australian residents only. Competition closes end of business day 7 November 2014 AEST.

Seebo Maxx review


Access to hundreds of channels with no subscription – all in one set top box.

Seebo Maxx is a smart set top box, a media streamer and media player in one. Users can watch content from all over the world, record favourite shows, listen to the latest music, connect all your devices, and take control of your viewing experience.

We received a pre-production box for the review and it wasn’t able to do all the functions that they claimed it could. So we used it mostly for On Demand feature.

Here are the bits you need to know:

-The technology is called Internet TV. The quality of the content depends on where this content comes from. Episodes can be pixelated, dark or just plain irretrievable.

-Some popular channels like Disney Junior only offers bits and pieces of their episodes depending on what’s available on the Internet.

-You need to know what channel to add or what directory to find content on, like 1Channel, Cartoon HD, Kids Place (yep, we mostly went through the kids stuff). If you don’t’ know the directories with full episodes and movies, it can get pretty confusing. The kids channels and movies are everywhere, with only minor broken links.

-You will need a good Internet connection as this is Internet TV.

-It eats up your monthly internet quota. If you’re just watching every night after work, the average monthly bite is 20GB. For school holidays, it’ll be around 70-80GB per month.

-There are heaps of add on music channels, radio stations and podcasts that you can listen to. There is even an Add On channel for free audiobooks.

If I could afford the RRP $599 would I get it? Probably not. We’re trying to cut back screen time at home plus there are too many little things that make the whole experience frustrating (slow buffering, broken links, dead channels etc). Aside from that, it eats up my internet quota. I think there’s a lot of room for improvement before I can be convinced to buy one of these.

For the full review of the box, check out my article on Techly.




Rio 2 Review and GIVEAWAY


It’s all about the songs. It’s always about the songs. My daughter got into Rio 1 so much because of its songs and it’s the same with Rio 2.

I must admit I enjoyed watching the second one as much as the first one. The familiar themes of married life go over the heads of children, but not for the parents.

In this movie, Blu once again is shoved into uncomfortable territory – this time he’s in the Amazon with Jewel and his little kiddies. He has to earn the approval of Mr Military father in law and compete with the wife’s former special friend (eventhough he really doesn’t need to). On top of that, Nigel is back to seek revenge on Blu. I admire that evil little critter. He is sinister and hilarious at the same time.


We all know he triumphs in the end. It’s a kid’s movie. He has to.

But with all those dramas going on, it’s the songs that always get my girl (Nigel’s rendition of I will Survive is very amusing). Rio 2 is a fun sequel to the original movie. A good watch for the kids, and adults too.

If you want to buy the digital version for your tablets, you can get it here.

And now for the giveaway, FIVE MummyK readers will each win a Rio 2 package with the following prizes:

Rio 2 on Blu-ray or DVD

Rio 2 Cuddly toy

Rio 2 Beach towel

Rio 2 Character Clip

All you have to do is answer this question (not too long but not too short – juusst right):

What ‘biggest fear’ have you conquered and how? Or what fear have you helped your little one conquer and how?


Australian residents only. Competition ends end of business day 10 October 2014 AEST.









Thanks to everyone for joining!

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Our little library, with seat and ottoman for reading hours.

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