Testing the Tefal Cuisine Companion

I haven’t stopped cooking since I got my Tefal Cuisine Companion.

tefal cuisine companion

This all-in-one kitchen wonder machine replaces 10 kitchen appliances (yes, 10!) and creates amazing food with one touch of a button. It comes with five attachments that piles neatly in its own container so it doesn’t go nuts in your drawer. All dishwasher friendly too – the first thing we all asked during the February launch at the Seafood School.

The Cuisine Companion has six automatic functions – sauce, soup, slow cook, steam, pastry and dessert. It cooks sauces, steams vegetables and fish, make hot or cold soups and broths, slow cooks, prepares pastries and doughs, breads, brioches and cakes, makes smoothies and so on and so forth. It also has a manual mode – you can go rogue if you want to.

Poached eggs with homemade hollandaise sauce.

Poached eggs with homemade hollandaise sauce.

I’m on a mission to go through the One Million Menus cookbook that comes with the appliance. It has 300 recipes — 100 starters, 100 main dishes and 100 desserts.

The bowl has a total capacity of 4.5L, enough for six people. I can’t compare this to other all-in-one appliances as I’ve never used one before. But I’ll be documenting what I’ve been doing with this machine so you can check for yourself.

Bolognaise sauce with zucchini.

Bolognaise sauce with zucchini.

My first weekend was a cooking marathon. I went nuts, basically.

I made Bacon Risotto, Spaghetti Bolognaise (with zucchini), Pulled Pork (my own recipe), Hollandaise Sauce and an Orange Cake (gluten free and sugar free).

The good thing with a cooking marathon is that you get to freeze half of each meal and have it during the week. That means no cooking during the week!

Gluten free and sugar free orange cake with cream.

Gluten free and sugar free orange cake with cream.

Sunday breakfast was two poached eggs with homemade hollandaise sauce sprinkled with chives. Very Masterchef-y.

The orange cake was easy peasy – chuck everything in, orange peels and all. Best to buy organic with this.

I am on a roll. I’m hoping to make some Filipino dish and pastries with this. Let’s see how it goes. I’m not very talented with Filipino pastries.

The Tefal Cuisine Companion retails for $1,699. Check out more about it on their website.


Disclosure: I received a complimentary Cuisine Companion from Tefal for this partnership.

Closing time?

I haven’t been active on this blog because I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it.

MummyK has been flying around the interwebz for almost five years now and I’m at that point when I’m not sure what to do with it.

I have created a new blog under my writing website because I want to write more author/writer content – to have a bloggy purpose of some sort. But at the same time, I also don’t want to shut this site down because it’s been a great site to me all these years.

My friends have suggested I keep this site open for the ‘non writing’ stuff I want to share. I’m more inclined to do that especially since this site isn’t really that demanding.

I’m sure other bloggers out there have maintained more than one site so it can be done. But I think from now on, this will be much quieter than it used to be.

For bloggers who are also writers and/or authors, you can visit my other blog here. Maybe there are some bits and pieces there that would be useful to you.

For B

Happy Birthday!

On your 28th (ahem) birthday, I wanted to tell you why you’re awesome (in no particular order).

-You’re an amazing friend. The opposite of toxic. I am so very glad we have each other’s backs.

-You look better the older you get (you have found the fountain of youth, hahaha).

-You juggle motherhood really well, especially given that you have four kids.

-You are honest and supportive and willing to look at another’s point of view.

-You’re there. Always.

-You are clever and, I know this is such a Filipino word, industrious. When you put your mind into something, it happens and you do it.

-You inspire me through the things you do. I am so proud of what you’ve accomplished.

-You’re compassionate.

-You’re Dory.

I hope you have a great birthday.


Not here yet


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