My Christmas List

Last year, hubby and I decided against presents. We only bought gifts for our daughter, god kids and friends. There was literally nothing we can think of that we wanted to ask from each other. It’s still the same this year but we made a list anyway, just to give each other something – no matter how small.

So here is my Christmas/Birthday wish list – a reference guide to whoever wanted to give me presents for Christmas and my birthday.

Kobo voucher – I have a Kobo ereader so any other book voucher won’t help me. Also, I don’t do paperbacks anymore. I know others who love the feel and smell of it. I do too but my OCD persists and even today I cannot read a book without worrying about whether or not I’m scratching the cover or folding the pages. When I do find a crease, I get very agitated. I know. It’s insane. So I’m sticking to ebooks.

Make up – I realised quite recently that 90 percent of the make up I own is six years old – my daughter’s age. I didn’t even know they have expiry dates. My target is to find one good make up kit with everything in it. I hate having separates. I rarely use make up but it would be good to have ones that won’t cause skin infection.

Garmin vivofit/vivosmart – Although I love my Fitbit, I’m at that point where I need more for my running. Yes, I am running and preparing for a 10k fun run next year with my biatches. The Vivofit would…er…fit my needs. The thing is, I got this for free already. Still, it was on my list.

Cooking lessons voucher – I am putting a big question mark on this. I can cook. Hubby says 95 percent of the time my cooking works. That five percent, however, isn’t just cooking fails, but cooking epic fails. I want to do a cooking lesson not just to increase my repertoire but to inspire me again. I’ve been detesting cooking the last couple of months. Instead of becoming enjoyable, it’s become tedious and a giant chore. I want to reignite that passion again. Maybe a cooking lesson will help. French preferably.

Lingerie voucher – You raise your eyebrow but I need this. Most of the time, when it’s just me shopping on my own, my practical side wins over and I end up buying the practical bra and undies rather than the sexy ones. Not to say I don’t have any but I would like to increase the number of lacy ones. The problem is they are bloody expensive and I just can’t justify buying these things. A voucher for a nice lingerie place would force me to do this.

Lastly, maybe more kindness towards others, less selfies, consumerism and self obsession, and a dash of world peace.

13 and 11


There is a blurry picture of us in the house, in a metal frame with purple dots. It was taken 13 years ago at a park in Perth, before the time of selfies, when film cameras were still available.

This picture has moved from state to state, house to house in over a decade. People probably wonder why we display a blurry photo of us.

I don’t know what it is about that shot that make us love it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so ‘unsharp’, so off, so casual.

Like us.

It’s been 11 years since we got married, 13 since we got together. I can safely say I would not exchange how we are now to how we were before. The experience life has brought us over the years – good or bad — have strengthened our marriage.

We know each other so well. There is a comfort there that I love – the inside jokes that we alone understand. A subtle reminder of something funny and we double up laughing. A look that says it all. A word that encompasses paragraphs. Even an emoji that only we get the meaning of.

We tell each other everything and we set each other straight. There’s a deep friendship and a bond that gets stronger each day. There is respect as we grow together and as separate entities. There is trust and a willingness to see the other’s point of view.

Everyone says marriage is hard. I guess in some ways they are right. But once you get past that hardship, everything goes smoothly from there.

Had you asked me years ago what I thought what my life would be like, I never would have expected it to be like this – still in love with the same man after all these years.

It’s all good.

P.S. This is a good read too.

The little things

I took a break. For five months I took a break. What do you do when you ignore everything you know that’s good for you? The kilos pile back up.

I knew it was going to happen. I let it happen. I didn’t do anything about it for a while. I succumbed to the coldness of the winter and the desire to hibernate.

Then I woke up.

And I’m back on the wagon.

Slowly, I started with little steps. The little steps that will hopefully end up becoming my habit again.

First, I downloaded the Couch to 5K app with the support of my friends. I did three weeks of it then got sick with winter viruses for three weeks. I had to restart. I just finished my first 5K run. After a couple more 5K runs, I’m moving up to 10K in preparation for the fun run we’re doing next year. I pair the running with Yoga stretches which complements it perfectly.

You have no idea how surreal this is for me. I’ve never pushed myself physically before. Mentally and emotionally, yes but physically, never. Even at the height of my karate phase I never entered sparring competitions. It was always just kata because I didn’t want to put myself in that situation.


So conquering even just 5K of running is a big freakin deal. On top of that, I’ve inspired hubby to do the same.

Second, I’ve quit sugar. For over three months now I’ve drastically lowered my sugar intake. I didn’t scream it out loud because I didn’t want to become part of the whole debate. I’m doing my own thing and it’s my own thing. I did it because I’ve always known that sugar is my Achilles Heel. It always has and always will be. I wanted to conquer my weakness. I wanted to get rid of my weakness. It’s not because it’s the latest fad. It’s because I knew I had to. This doesn’t mean I never had ice cream in the last three months. But from having it four to fives times a week, it went down to twice a month.

Third, I quit drinking again. I never really went back to it in the months that I let myself go. But I almost went back to that weekend habit. Now it’s down to once a month.

Fourth, I’ve continued my green smoothie breakfast even during the winter months. I bought myself the Nutribullet after seeing an infomercial while I was lying in my hospital bed in March suffering from salmonella. That infomercial had great timing. It’s quite a good buy and I never regretted it. Even today I don’t eat breakfast anymore. I have my green smoothie of spinach, cucumber, apple, honeydew/cantaloupe with coconut water.


I still have my moments, of course. That packet of chips that just screams to be eaten. Or that free ice cream with your popcorn at the movies. But I’ve never gone back to finishing a whole packet of chips, or eating a whole bar of chocolate in one sitting. I stop now. And that’s such a big deal for me.

Why I unfriended you on Facebook

When I first started out on Facebook, I had that similar feeling with everyone else to add everyone I knew on my friends list. But over the years, as my view of social media changed, I started culling my friends list.


From around 500, I’ve cut it down to around 180. Drastic? Yep. Here are the reasons why I’d cut someone from my friends list.

  1. Too much bible verses. This was my first cut. Someone I knew posted nothing but bible verses almost every hour. It made me want to be an atheist. So instead I clicked unfriend.
  2. You haven’t said hey or hi or even Liked anything in over a year. I mean what’s the point really? If you don’t want to connect, I’ll make it easier. Unfriend.
  3. You ask for money. I tell you, this does happen. At least two people have asked me to invest in something and to send them a couple of thousands. Without even asking ‘how are you?’ first. Unfriend.
  4. I didn’t hang out with you then, I doubt I’ll be hanging out with you now. Harsh? Just realistic. I don’t see the point especially after seeing a couple of posts and knowing we have different priorities in life and nothing in common. Just like in the past. Unfriend.
  5. You PM me to say ‘you’re so fat’ after seeing my photos. Shocked? You would be surprised how rude some people can be – and how shocked they are when you call them on it. I’ll save you from my fatness. Unfriend. Besides, do I really want to be friends with someone who value nothing but physical appearance and rudeness?
  6. I don’t know what to do with you. We’re not friends. But we have a past. Do we talk? Do we comment on each other’s posts? And when we do talk, do we talk honestly? When confused, unfriend.

I’m not saying they will remain unfriended because sometimes you do end up catching up with people in real life. And during these moments, sometimes you realise that their Facebook post is far from who they really are (in a good way). Things do change.

I think it’s a privilege to be let into someone’s private life. I already write so much here the least I could do is tame down my social media. I put my Instagram on private mode after reading several articles on stolen photos of kids and after reading this article about the photo sharing site. I’ve also taken down a lot of my daughter’s photos on the blog and tightened my social media security settings (as much as they allow you to, that is). Yes, I’m a tad paranoid. But who else is going to protect my daughter from online stuff?

What we tell our kids

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Wordless Wednesday: Little updates…

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Stamp out the abuse


Note: I saw this ad on a magazine and just had to reach out to the organisation. If you’ve ever ridden one of these elephants on your holiday, or know someone who has, please donate. Written By World Animal Protection Every year, thousands of tourists take elephant rides on their holidays, unaware of the hidden […]

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How to Train your Dragon 2 GIVEAWAY


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Seebo Maxx review


Access to hundreds of channels with no subscription – all in one set top box. Seebo Maxx is a smart set top box, a media streamer and media player in one. Users can watch content from all over the world, record favourite shows, listen to the latest music, connect all your devices, and take control […]

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Rio 2 Review and GIVEAWAY


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