The week of snot

Written sometime during the week of snot…I think.

It’s a strange day. A semi mad day.

It’s been a jumble of thoughts and emotions, most not positive. At one point I actually told all my FB friends that I hated everyone. Because at that point I did.

I hated the happy faces, fake or not. I hated the healthy runners. I hated the beautiful people. I hated anyone who was having fun.

Hated them all.

I woke up with a headache even with the long sleep in. That happens when you’ve been sick for several days and taking care of a sick child at the same time. If it were not for the assistance of my lovely hubby, I would have gone even madder.

I’ve been dancing with this cold all winter season. Every now and then it would smack me with a sniffle. But I would thwack it back the next day using a green smoothie and a run around the park.

It worked for a couple of months, even when moments when my snot turned green and I should’ve been on antibiotics. Finally, however, it caught up with me and knocked me down for a couple of days. Knocked me and my daughter down. The bastard.

I have been sick before. But what frustrated me more this time is the compounding events that came before the virus. The cold was really just the freakin’ last straw.

You see, I’m trying to get back on the saddle after letting things go healthwise for a couple of months now. I’ve started running, which miraculously, I found liberating. The Couch to 5K app was a good start and I actually looked forward to the mornings. I’ve memorised the visitors at the local park – from the old man with the old dog, to the old Chinese couple doing Taichi, and the worker who has his coffee and scone before taking his shoes off to stroll around the oval.

Then there’s the resolve to quit sugar (fructose to be exact). I have finished three weeks of it and beginning week four. It hasn’t been all clean. I was good for the first two weeks, even with the occasional headaches. Then the third week saw me crawling in bed snotty and succumbing to the freaking trifle my friend made (the ironic part is that she didn’t even have any because guess what, she’s off sugar too!).

So now I’m on week four, which is much easier to continue than I initially expected. The problem is that by now, I’ve been out of commission for almost a week. I stopped running because my feet hurt. My physio said I needed orthotics…badly. No running for a while until I have the feet support I need.

The weird thing is (and this is probably just a coincidence) that the day I stopped running, the cold caught up with me.

It’s been almost a week but it feels much longer. I feel ick because I haven’t exercised and I haven’t slept much. I’m looking after my little one with on and off fever, which means alert nights for me.

I just baked scones at eleven o’clock at night…in my pyjamas. Why? Because I thought it was a good idea at the time.

It’s been a strange week.

There were some highlights to it though. For one, date night happened. I was high on antibiotics (and didn’t have any alcohol because I’m cutting off my intake) so I had enough energy to go to the city and watch Guardians of the Galaxy at the Gold Cinema with hubby.

It was wonderful — marred only by the occasional paranoia of terrorists in the city (seriously, I’ve never experienced a ‘high alert’ status in my 11 years in this country, it is a bit freaky).

I have it good. I know I have it good. I know she’s going to get better. I know I’m going to get better. I know I’m going to get back to my health routine. I know I’ll perk up again.

But sometimes, you know, you just have to hate everybody…and bake scones at 11pm.

My thoughts don’t count

I only have one child.

I only want one child. I’ve always been certain about that.

It doesn’t bother me that I only have one child. I like my life the way it is.

But the other night, hubby asked me why I was always quick to dismiss my parenting knowledge when they are quite valid and sound. I paused because I wasn’t really sure why I tend to do this.

Then I realise that I feel like my thoughts aren’t valid because I only have one child.

In the parenting playground, aka drop off mornings at school, parents tend to talk about their mornings and nights and what kind of difficulties they’ve been facing with their children.

I nod most of the time, not sharing my own woes mainly because I have very little and because no matter what ‘difficulties’ my child may have, it is nothing compared to the difficulties of impoverished kids in third world countries – she mainly has first world issues.

The second reason is because when I say things like “oh my daughter did this and so were late getting ready for school”, other parents always top it with “you should try it with three (four, five, a dozen) kids” or “at least you only have one”.

They are right though. I do have it easy. I only have one child and she is easy to handle for most of the mornings before school. Not to say though that she doesn’t have any issues. But she is only one.

So when I think about the knowledge I have of being a parent, I always think “well how valid is that when you haven’t tried juggling three or four of them?”. I keep my thoughts to myself and nod when other parents start rattling their unsolicited parenting advice my way.

Because what do I know? I only have one.

Darrell Pitt on using Wattpad

Image from

Image from

I first met Darrell at this year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival. It was that awkward moment when I’m standing close enough to him and his editor to hear their conversation but not enough to be part of it. You know, when you have that half smile while trying to decide whether to move closer to be part of their talk or move slowly away from them?

Lucky for me they were nice enough to include me in their conversation (not sure what it was about now).

But I digress.

During his panel, Darrell spoke about his experience with Wattpad. For those not in the know, Wattpad is this new platform where readers go for free books by new and old authors (mostly free anyway). In the Philippines, they’re doing movies from Wattpad stories now so it’s quite popular.

Darrell just landed an eight-book deal with Text Publishing. He’s a prolific writer of YA novels – with titles like the Diary of a Teenage Superhero and The Jack Mason Adventures. Here he talks about his own experience with Wattpad.

Why did you decide to publish original work on Wattpad? How many books did you publish?

You need to find ways to get yourself out there in front of the people who are interested in reading your work. This is where I found Wattpad to be helpful. The main readership of the site was YA, which was exactly what I was writing.

A lot of people promote themselves on Facebook and Twitter, which is fine, but there are lots of people doing exactly the same. And mostly all they’re doing is advertising themselves. I think you’re better off giving people a free sample in the hope they’ll purchase next time.

I put three books on there in total.

Image from

Image from

What kind of feedback did you get from those?

Interestingly, the feedback was mostly, ‘I love your story’ and ‘I want more’. Wattpad isn’t a critiquing site. It’s a venue where readers go.

Did anything good come out of that experience? What were they?

The most positive experience was that after putting Book One of Teen Superheroes on the site, it led many readers going to Amazon to purchase books two and three.

I also had two enquiries regarding the film rights. Very exciting!

Image from

Image from

What would your advice be to those who want to do the same thing?

I always say to people that having one book published is the most difficult place to be. It’s difficult to publicise one book—and when you do, you don’t have anything else to sell!

Putting the first book in a series on Wattpad worked for me. After that, it becomes a numbers game. A certain percentage of people who read the book will go ahead and buy the others in the series.

But I would probably recommend writing at least the first and second books before putting book one out there for free. Otherwise, the readers will read the first book and not have anything else to go onto.

Any strict ‘don’ts’ when publishing on Wattpad?

What a great question! Yes, make certain you let people know what they’re letting themselves into. I put the first five chapters of Teen Superheroes Book Two on Wattpad and then left a message at the end letting them know they could find the rest of the book on Amazon.

Bad idea on my part! More than one person (quite rightly) pointed out that I’d done the wrong thing. It meant people were reading these five chapters, getting invested in the story and then finding they had to spend money to continue. I changed this so a note appeared at the very start on Wattpad, telling them that only the first few chapters were available to read for free.

And one general piece of advice relating to anything Internet related. Don’t get into arguments with people. Some people just want to pick fights with you. Don’t engage them. It’s a waste of your time. You’re a writer, so your job is to do exactly that—write.

The Healthy Mummy GIVEAWAY

Comp pic


After being slack for a couple of months, I’ve decided to get back on track and boost my health again.

I know it’s hard to keep on track during the cold winter months so this new challenge is perfect timing for spring.

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weigh Loss Challenge is a great way for mums to lose weight, get fit and healthy, and support each other along the way.

It is designed in conjunction with the best nutritionists, postnatal exercise physiologists, midwives, and most importantly, mums. This tailored, safe and affordable program can easily fit into any mum’s busy routine.

It features:

– Over one hundred 30 Minute Meals – designed by The Healthy Mummy’s expert dietitians and nutritionists.

– A focus on a balanced and healthy diet – it does not cut out any food groups.

– Family Friendly Recipes – the meals can easily be increased to feed the whole family.

– Convenient shopping lists – a shopping list that can be ordered online.

– Convenient exercises – no gym membership or equipment required; you can do everything at home at a time that suits you, with step-by-step images on how to do each exercise.

– Achievable results – 28 days is an easier target than a full 8 or 12 week course.

– An online support team and tracking dashboard, available 7 days a week – including a timer for interval training, both private and open forums, and daily tips.

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Plan begins on September 1.

THREE lucky MummyK readers WORLDWIDE will win a free pass to the program!! 

To join, all you have to do is answer this question:

What lifestyle changes have you started doing to become healthier?


Competition closes August 30, Saturday 5PM AEST. Open to ALL residents worldwide.



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